Sustainability is a priority objective in our vision for the future and a responsibility shared by all members of the company.

For this reason, we firmly believe in the commitment to complete and total sustainability during the entire life cycle of our products:

  • From the very design of the product, using responsible materials for the environment, both in the formulative level and in the packaging.
  • In manufacturing, with procedures that comply with all quality standards and always seeking a “green” process.
  • In consumption, given that we actively promote awareness programmes with our consumers.
  • In recycling, preferably and progressively using recyclable and recycled materials.

Environmental Certifications

We have a complete line of products, nationally and internationally, with environmental certifications, the pillars of which are reducing adverse environmental effects and an efficient use of resources. All of these developed with concentrated formulas and without losing sight of our objective of efficiency.

Recycle me

We actively promote the recycling of our product packaging by consumers. To this end, we are associated with Ecoembes, Eko-Cykl y Eko-Pak  the associations dedicated to the recycling and eco-design of packaging in Spain and Poland respectively.

Responsible materials

We are fully aware of the harm to our planet caused by the excessive use of plastic and paper. This is why we focus on actively contributing to recycling using a number of different initiatives.

At present, we use approximately 25% of recycled plastic in most of our PET packaging. However, under our global Master Plan, by 2025 all our packaging will be recyclable.

Zero waste

In our business, only the essential resources are used. In addition, thanks to our Zero Waste initiative, we have managed to make all the excess from our production into part of the circular economy, thus reducing our input in waste disposal dumps to zero.