Persán’s responsibility does not end with the products they place on the market. Our company ensures that its activity, its production process and its mere existence comply with its framework values for contributing to a better society. To achieve this, we use our Foundation and our long-term relations and agreements with customers, suppliers, universities and organisations.

Total quality

We work to obtain the best quality at the best price for our customers, but in particular, in line with the philosophy of the Total Quality model, we establish a stable framework of relations with our suppliers. This includes guarantees of social responsibility, safety and environmental protection. For Persán, our suppliers are part of the team and our work together allows us to evolve continuously. We encourage them to take part in the philosophy of our business project so that our joint social commitment becomes stronger and more far-reaching.

Socially aware

The philosophy of our social action through the Persán Foundation is directed at labour inclusion, the boosting of entrepreneurship and the promotion of values such as merit and the culture of hard work. We aim to place our professional experience at the service of the most vulnerable immigrant and national groups, to assist in their personal development and complete integration in society. We also stimulate business vocations among young people, which offer them new opportunities, and at the same time create wealth and generate economic development.

Continuous improvement

Thanks to the development of the Continuous Improvement project, aimed at the search for excellence in our products and the opening of new communication channels with customers, we have been able to listen to and minimise customers’ complaints. We have also learned more about their preferences and suggestions, in order to determine how they perceive the improvements we introduce in our products.