The principal line of action of our HR policy is to make a difference, to go one step further in everything we do, convinced that this is the path to success. This is the reason why we rely on our greatest differential value, people. We work with our staff, on a daily basis, on their personal and professional growth, in line with our Values.

Agreements with Universities

We are committed to offering opportunities to young professionals. We have agreements with a number of public and private universities, and we offer an active policy of curricular and extracurricular grants, and internships, with an 80% conversion rate into indefinite contracts.

We’re looking for you

Persán is a leader in the market thanks to the preparation, effort and commitment of all of its people and their outstanding performance. We are looking for highly involved and committed people, with a global vision, results oriented, who take intiative, have a desire to excel and are socially responsible.

If you’d like to join our team, send us your CV.

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The Persán team

We strongly believe in the development of talent. The training and development of our professionals is vital for our company. A large number of our recruits are recently-qualified young people who receive the support, coaching and ongoing training necessary to assume responsibilities right from day one. Our next CEO or future directors are already in the company and we have to make sure they receive the best possible preparation.

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